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There is nothing quite like heading out to your own outdoor pool on a hot summer's day.
Pools are places to wow your friends and family, luxuriate, sip cocktails, party, exercise, have Private romantic evening swims, play with the kids and yes, even get a tan.

I wouldn't be without my pool.  My family's activities seem to revolve around the pool during those long hot summer days. It is just pure bliss to float in refreshing water on a hot summer?s night, gazing at the stars and seeing who can spot the most satellites.

I love listening to the kids playing in the pool.  It's real play, not that video game stuffStill_000357 they play on the big indoor TV.  The kids love it so much that I often have to drag them out of the water, when they have turned blue from swimming too long.

The joy gained from a pool is not just limited to the kids. Pools provide a great source of exercise and a way to lose a few pounds for us grown-ups.

Pools are a solid investment in your property and its value, and a delightful long-term addition to your lifestyle.


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Stillwater Pools are family owned swimming pool builders in Sydney located in the Beautiful Hawkesbury district, which is in the Northwest of Sydney, servicing all areas in  North West Sydney, NSW, and is operated by Adam Skopek. With 18 years experience in the pool industry from installing pools, sales and as a technical sales representative.  Also having over 15 years in the building industry in Sydney.

still_000354Our aim is to provide you with a high quality fibreglass pool at a realistic price in Sydney. Fibreglass swimming Pool, complete with equipment are delivered to your door.

Installation is  arranged with one of our fully Licensed Contractors, who have many years of pool installation experience in Sydney. Combined,  you get a pleasant and  hassle free swimming pool experience.   




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Stillwater pools are suppliers of high quality Harvest fiberglass swimming pools  with a 25 year warranty in Sydney.  We offer a selection of Fibreglass Pools from over eleven different models and over thirty different sizes.  Your swimming pool comes direct from our manufacturing facility, pre-made and ready to install. We only use and recommend Hayward pool products. which are located here in Sydney.


We sell them in a kit form for the DIY. Complete, ready to swim packages or fully installed ready to swim.  Installation is carried out by one of our fully licensed and insured builders.

As well we can provide you with any Fibreglass Pool advice and a full range of quality pool equipment for your pool. In-floor cleaning is also an option we can offer you. Just ask us.





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